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Waikato Rugby Union Judicial Committees Decisions

17 November 2017 at 9.30

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The Waikato Rugby Union (WRU) judicial committee has handed down two separate suspensions to a Morrinsville College player and coach after a lengthy judicial process due to their involvement in an on field misconduct in a match between Morrinsville College and Matamata College in August 2017. 

On 25 August 2017, the judicial committee handed Jamain Wilson, a Morrinsville College First XV player, a six week suspension for foul play in a match that resulted in him being sent off.

On 31 August 2017, after only serving one week of his suspension, Mr Wilson played for Morinsville College where he received another red card for foul play, this time for kicking a defenceless player in the back while on the ground.

This resulted in another inquest by the judicial committee who found that Mr Wilson had clearly ignored the judicial committee’s decision for his prior incident, and he made the conscious decision to play while under suspension. This resulted in the judicial committee adding a further 14 weeks to Mr Wilson’s current suspension.

The judicial committee also investigated the teacher in charge of rugby/coach of Morrinsville College First XV, Colin Vette, for his knowledge of Mr Wilson’s prior misconduct and suspension. The committee found additional charges would be addressed relating to Mr Vette’s involvement in the misconduct and breach of the terms of the judicial decision. The result of the judicial process found that due to Mr Vette’s irresponsible actions and knowing involvement of the player’s suspension resulted in his suspension from all rugby for 52 weeks. 

Morrinsville College and the assistant coach were also requested to provide evidence on the matter and no further sanctions were issued. As such, Morrinsville College must treat the decision as a warning that any further misconduct by individuals under their jurisdiction will result in sanctions for the school.

All parties involved have the right to appeal the decision found by the judicial committee.