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Law Interpretations for 2016 Season


The ball in a maul must be passed backwards from player to player. No player may ‘slip’ backwards, or forwards, in a maul. PK – Obstruction.

Forming a scrum

Teams must be ready to set a scrum within 30 seconds of the referee making the mark.  Front rows must crouch and bind so that they are ear-to-ear with their opponents.

Ending a scrum

If the ball is at the Number-8’s feet and the scrum is NOT moving forward, the referee will call “Use it!” The ball must be released from the scrum.

Scrum wheeled beyond 90°

The scrum will be reset and the ball will be throw-in by the team that threw it into the original scrum. There is no turnover of possession.

Offside at the scrum

The halfback of the team that has not won the ball must not step in front of the ball nor step into the space between the flanker and the Number-8.

Advantage Law

Play may continue when a scrum collapses IF the ball is available to be played (usually by the halfback or Number 8). The ball must be played.

Penalty Kick or Free Kick

The mark for Penalty Kicks and Free Kicks must be at least 5m from the goal line for both the attacking and defending teams.

Lineout formation

No player may stand within 5m of the touchline and block or prevent the ball from being thrown-in.

Throw Forward

The definition of a Throw Forward has been reworded. A throw forward occurs when a player throws or passes the ball forward, i.e, if the arms of the player passing the ball move towards the opposing team’s dead ball line.

Unfair Play

Players who falsely indicate (waving of arms, diving, etc) that an offence has been committed by the opposition, will be penalised.

Sevens rugby

A conversion kick must be taken within 30 seconds of the try being scored.




The WRRA Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 23rd of March 2016 at 7pm in the Harlequins Lounge, Level 3, FMG Stadium Waikato.

Business to be discussed at the AGM is:

1. Approve the minutes from the 2015 Annual General Meeting;

2. Receive the Annual Report and Balance Sheet;

3. Approve correspondence;

4. Consideration of any notice of motion received; and

5. Election of the following officers:

a. Patron;

b. President;

c. WRRA representative for the Management Committee selection panel.

We require nominations for the following positions:

· Patron;

· President; and

· WRRA representative for the Management Committee selection panel.

Please forward your nominations for the above positions to our secretary Ryan Cox at All nominations must be received at least 14 days prior to the date of the AGM.

If you have a notice of motion you would like put forward for consideration by members at the AGM please forward the motion, in writing, to our secretary Ryan Cox at All notices of motion must be received at least 14 days prior to the date of the AGM and must be signed by at least two financial members.

The Annual Report, Balance Sheet, nominations received and notices of motion (if any) will be circulated to members after they are received in accordance with our constitution.




Waikato Rugby referees were well represented at the 2016 Bayleys National Sevens on the 16th & 17th of January, hosted at the Rotorua International Stadium.

Michael Winter was selected by NZR to be one of the six officials for the men’s competition. Jake O'Flaherty, Mike Gregan, Josh Bull, Ben Brownlie, Larissa Collingwood and Glenn Foote attended as assistant referees, sub-controllers and sideline managers across the men’s and women’s competition over the two days.

Larissa was appointed as an AR for the women’s championship final.

Being part of the team of 60 referees and officials was a great opportunity for WRRA Referees to be involved in a NZR high performance environment and a good chance to interact with some of New Zealand’s best sevens referees and referee coaches.

Host union Bay of Plenty did a fantastic job, arranging accommodation for our officials and were great support throughout the weekend.






The Waikato Rugby Referees Association hosted their annual awards evening on Saturday 11th July out at the Te Awamutu RSA. This was the weekend of club semi-finals, and after a big day out on the field, we had a great evening celebrating the achievements of our referees and the contribution all of our referees and their families make to rugby in the Waikato.

We had 50 referees and partners attend a fantastic evening, with a great meal and fun time had by all.

Recipients of awards for 2015 were:

Best First Year Referee – Glenn Foote (NWRRA)

Colin Gregan Memorial - Most Improved Referee – Michael Winter (HRRA)

President’s Award – Wayne Hackett (HRRA)

Roy Gillies Memorial - Services to Refereeing – Bill Heslop (NWRRA)

AMI Insurance - Referee of the Year – Aaron Paterson (HRRA)